Plot Booking Request

Membership Detail :

Party plot required:

Parking Lawns
Office Lawns
Party plot Lawns half
Part plot Lawns Full.
Temple lawns

Facilities required:

Centre stage
Seating centre tables.
Extra lights

Note :

  1. This is just an inquiry / request form for booking. This does not mean the booking is confirm
  2. You will get the reply from club, for availability of party plot after verification from the club office.
  3. To get the reply, your email ID and contact numbers are mandatory.
  4. You will be informed about the charges and you will have to make the payment in full on the time of confirmation of booking Or else the booking shall not be deemed as booked.
  5. You will have to specify the extra lighting than standard provided. This will be extra charged.
  6. Florist if required shall be extra.
  7. Within Club house premises, the club caterers are defined. For Party plot lawns, outside cateres are allowed.
  8. Faraskhana as defined by club is compulsory.
  9. Terms and conditions are applicable as defined by the management and subject to Baroda Jurisdiction.
  10. Management reserves the rights to decline the acceptance of booking / change in tariff/terms and conditions.
  11. Cancellation of booking : Within 48 hours is 50% deduction. Cancellation within 2~7 days is 25 % deduction . Cancellation before 7 days is 10% .